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In this Webinar, Deirdre will discuss how we can continue to support Open Data Publishers to publish high-quality, high-value datasets.

In the past 10 years, there has been significant advancements in the area of Open Data and related domains, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. While providing data in its raw form supports data reuse for a variety of applications, there are a number of ways data publication can be improved to increase the understandability, potential use, and overall impact of the information.

In the Irish Open Data Initiative, we are addressing these changes, whilst continuing to support and provide practical guidelines to data publishers through a revision of the Irish Open Data Technical Framework. The revised Open Data Technical Publishing Guidelines will follow a user-centric approach and draws on our own experience, as well as external research such as the EDP’s Future of Open Data reports.

Deirdre is Founder of Derilinx, an Irish company that has been leading Linked and Open Data developments since 2014. She has extensive experience in the provision of fully hosted and managed data solutions, as well as providing guidance and support for data sharing and Data Governance programmes. Deirdre’s ambition is to make it easy for people to discover, understand and use data. Derilinx is responsible for the development and provision of support to the Irish National Open Data Portal, which currently provides access to over 10,000 datasets from over 100 publishers. The Irish Open Data Initiative has been ranked 1st in Europe in the EDP Maturity Index study three years in a row.

We are also proud to have the opportunity to work with a number of international organisations on key data-sharing and transparency projects. Derilinx built and supports The World Bank Group’s Energy Data Portal and Water Data Portal, as well as developing a suite of applications to empower users to interact and use the information. Derilinx also manages the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Registry, the Smart Dublin Open Data Platform, and the Irish Open Health Data Portal.

Derilinx is an active participant in European projects, currently participating in the Linked Linguistic Open Data project ‘Prêt-à-LLOD’ and the CEF Public Open Data project ‘Hale & Hearty’. In the ESSnet ‘Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD)’ project, Derilinx was responsible for the provision of services to publish and link statistical data on the Semantic Web.

Supporting Open Data Publishers
Deirdre Lee - Derilinx
November 3rd, 2020, 17:00 CET

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